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15 questions

The 15 Genealogy Research Questions You Must Answer to Get Started with Your Amazing Family Tree (2019) [New]

Genealogy questions to ask when you are starting your family tree. This guide makes it super easy to do. Why not get started…
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The Genealogy Interview, Part 3

Our final post in the Interview series. How to wrap it up and preserve for future generations.
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The Interview Equipment – Part 2

So much work to prepare for an interview! From choosing your microphones for an interview to developing the outline and questions, follow these…
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The Interview – Part 1

In this first part of a series on the interview as part of the genealogical process, find out the beginning steps for good…
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analytical process

The Analytical Process of a Genealogist

Genealogists analyze the sources of data used in the research process. At this juncture, you have a bunch of information. You have searched…
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select records to search

Select Records to Search

This is the part of your research that take some time to learn. However, over time you will get better at it. After…
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research process

What Do I Do With All of This Information?

At this point in the research process you have identified goals, determined the records to search and conducted your searches. You have collected,…
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search records

Where to Get Records and How to Search Them

The first question is "Where will I get these records?" Perhaps in your previous work with deciding what you want to learn you…
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decide what you want to learn

Decide What You Want to Learn

The beginning of your research will be deciding on a goal. What is it you want to learn from your genealogical research? It…
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sources of information

Identifying What You Know from Sources of Information

Whether you are in the middle of researching a line, or you are starting from scratch, you must begin your research of a…
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