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FamilySearch Pricing and Setup

Accounts with FamilySearch are free. Signup is simple: provide your name, birth date, whether male or female and whether a member of the LDS church or not. The reason for that final piece of info is the Church can provide preservation services in exchange for granting access to family records.

Setup is equally easy. You begin by entering what you know about your parents and grandparents. FamilySearch can fill in information based on records in its gigantic Family Tree.

Building Your Family Tree

Building a Family Tree on FamilySearch is as easy as filling in the blanks. You start out by entering what you know about your parents and grandparents. From there you can search to find the information others added about your ancestors. You can also search through historical records for details about your ancestors.


Although access is free, if you are not a member of the LDS church some records may not be available to you. In that case it is possible to go to a Family History Library and gain access to some records at no charge regardless of membership.

Customer Support

There are a myriad of ways customers may receive support for this website. Help is available online through the Help Center menu option. Here there are many topics to browse through: family tree, memories, search, indexing, familysearch account, genealogy assistance, family history center, temple and family history consultants, mobile, partners, and DNA testing. In addition to browsing through these topics, you may search for your own topic as well.

The site includes a very easy to follow “Getting Started” section that helps new users set up a Family Tree. If you need to know where to locate a family history center for additional research, there is a search function to find the center nearest you. There is also a contact form to fill out for additional information and help. Live Chat is available and there is a toll free number to call for assistance.

The FamilySearch Learning Center houses many articles and lessons on various topics of interest in genealogy. This is a great “how to” section for your genealogical research. The FamilySearch Wiki is a tremendous resource for finding out where records are stored, how to find those records, and general discussions on plans and strategies.

In addition to a Community for support questions, FamilySearch provides collaboration groups you can join. These are great for gathering with individuals doing research along the same lines, or for particular discussion topics.

If for some reason you do need to open up a support case, FamilySearch provides a section where you can look up your case and follow its progress.

The “What’s New” section gives the latest on what’s coming to the website as well as the most recently published articles.

Ease of Use

In short, FamilySearch is a fantastic say-to-use product and it’s free. Who can argue with free, right? It is seriously robust for anyone getting started, and used by professional genealogists as well. This is one tool that should definitely be in your toolkit!

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