Sharing Your Family History

You’ve worked hard to pull your research together. Now it is time to share. Whether it is sharing your own personal family history or that of your client, you will want to consider how to share the information. Not only that, but those who come to research after you could greatly benefit for your work. So how do we go about sharing this information?


Perhaps you are researching for your own family and want to share your hard work with them. You may have a family reunion coming up, or your family may publish a regular newsletter to keep in touch with one another. Bring your research with you to the reunion, or publish it in the newsletter. We have also published books of family history for individual family members and personalized the stories for each member. This is an expensive endeavor, but one that is truly valued.

Database Submissions

There are plenty of online databases where you can share your family tree. We will cover some of them on this site. This is an important way for researchers to share not only their tree, but their DNA information. In the past few years, researchers have begun to make great strides in these connections due to this sharing. Some of these databases are free and some require a subscription. Either way, by sharing your information you are furthering your research.

We work hard to keep this information updated. Currently we offer reviews on:


Many people contributed to these sites to make information available. If you can think of one you would like to know about and it is not listed here, please mention something in the comments below and we will take a look at it for you.

Just understand when using these sites that information is not verified by anyone. You must do your own research and verification on records you find on these sites. When you do your own postings, make every effort to be as accurate as possible for the benefit of others.

Family History

We mentioned how special this can be for family members. Here are some ways to consider publishing a family history.


Publishing a book is no longer a difficult endeavor. There are many programs available to do desktop publishing. It is not even required to go to a local publisher. There are plenty of online publishers who can convert your online family tree into book form.

You will want to consider donating a copy of your book to local libraries and perhaps libraries near the ancestors in your book. The historical society near where your family lives may want a copy. Perhaps a major research library will be interested. And don’t forget about the Family History Library.


How about writing an article for a genealogical periodical? If you have solved a problem with a family tree, many researchers for that tree will be interested. Try to help others to benefit from your research.


If you like to write, and most researchers do, it is not that difficult to set up website and being to publish your findings. Hosting a website is not that expensive these days and most providers include content management with their fees.

Make sure you back up your site and don’t use it for your only means of storage. Bad things can happen to websites, so you will also want a more permanent form of storage.

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