The USGenWeb Project Review

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The USGenWeb Project seeks to provide free online genealogy help and information. Volunteers work together on this ambitious project and try to cover every U.S. state AND county. The project began in 1996 and it is beginning to show a little age. However, when budgets are tight you can’t beat free.

USGenWeb Project Organization

What type of information will you find here? Quite frankly, it depends on the volunteers. A quick click on the interactive map for Kentucky takes you to a state page with links to books for sale, cemetery listings, a section on hangings (who knew?), maps, and obituaries to name a few.

You can also click on the drop down menu to select a county. The menu lists all counties, however this does not mean anyone is maintaining all of the counties because there is a lack of volunteers. For example, at the time of this writing the project was looking for volunteers for 27 counties in Kentucky.

You Get What You Pay For

Many paid sites already have a good deal of this information. And not all information on this site, unfortunately, has cited sources. Sometimes the USGenWeb project page just says the information was taken from a public website and doesn’t even state which website.

That isn’t to say you might not find some good information here. But take what you see with caution, and just like anything else, question information that does not cite a reputable source.

How Do You Volunteer for the USGenWeb Project?

If you are interested in coordinating a state or county website, the first thing to do is to look up the county or state of your interest to see if it is “Up for Adoption”. If it is, then contact the appropriate State Coordinator for the county or contact the National Coordinator for the state.

USGenWeb also has many special projects for which you can volunteer. Some projects like The Tombstone Project or the Census On-Line Project are still ongoing. You can submit all types of data to The Archives Project as well.

Another volunteer opportunity is conducting look-ups. In this case you would contact the coordinator of the appropriate county.

What’s Your Opinion?

Want to give the USGenWeb project a try? You can get there from this link. Why not consider volunteering to take a county? You could make a difference for someone else.

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