Top 100 Most Influential Genealogy Bloggers on Twitter 2019

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Face it. Finding other genealogy bloggers in the Twittersphere is tough. And time consuming. Using Buzzsumo, Kentuckygen has done the work for you!

How is the list calculated?

According to BuzzSumo, the technical answer is this is based on the relevancy of Elasticsearch’. You can read up on that if you like. Just know that this is not something we handpicked nor is it a list of our personal favorites. This is a list calculated by relevance.

How will this list help you?

Here are some ways to use this list:

  1. Connect with some of these accounts and begin to build a relationship. The genealogical community is a very helpful community. You will begin to feel as though you found your “tribe”.
  2. Learn their genealogy tips and tricks.
  3. Learn from all of the valuable content they share.
  4. Tweet this list and help others learn more about the community

Genealogy Bloggers 2019: Top 100 Influencers

1Ancestry UK@ancestryuk
2Kris Williams@kriswilliams
3Henry Louis Gates Jr@henrylouisgates
4US National Archives@usnatarchives
5Rose Wild@timesarchive
6Jennifer Mendelsohn @clevertitletk
7Jenna Mills@seekingsurnames
8Amy Johnson Crow@amyjohnsoncrow
9Elizabeth O’Neal @eliz_oneal
10Mary Tedesco@marymtedesco
11Olive Tree Genealogy@lorinems
12Laura C. Lorenzana@archivalbiz
13Claire Santry@irish_genealogy
14Myko Clelland@dapperhistorian
15Illya D’Addezio@illyadaddezio
16Lynn Palermo@lynnpal
17Patricia Greber @treesrch
18CeCe Moore@cecelmoore
19Daniel Horowitz@myhchiefgen
20Else Churchill@soggenealogist
21Jen Baldwin@ancestryjourney
23Seonaid Lewis @genebrarian
24Christine Creed@chillami
25Edie Jarolim@ediejarolim
26NextGen Network@nextgennetwrk
28D. Joshua Taylor@djoshuataylor
29Terri O’Connell@terri_oconnell
30Amy Lenertz@adlenertz
31Michael Hait, CG@michaelhait
32Nick Barratt@familyhistorysh
33Cheri Hudson Passey@carolinagirlgen
34Mark Tucker@marktucker
35Kathleen Brandt@a3genealogy
36Julie Cahill Tarr@geneajulie
37Jennifer Shoer@scrappygen
38Genealogy PennyLewis@oldscottish
39Sara Beth@innercompass
40Neil Egginton@negginton
42Brenda Leyndyke@brendaleyndyke
43Judy G. Russell@legalgen
44Liz Loveland@lizl_genealogy
45Federation of Genealogical Societies – FGS@fgsgenealogy
46Kirsty F. Wilkinson@genealogygirl
47Sharn White@sharnwhite
48David Allen Lambert@dlgenealogist
49Gena PhilibertOrtega@genaortega
50Rosemary Morgan@rosemarymorgan
51Jana Last@genealogyisfun
52C Wilkerson@webduck
53Angela Y.Walton-Raji@aywalton
54National Genealogical Society@ngsgenealogy
55Crista Cowan Ancestry Corporate Genealogist@cristacowan
56Blaine T. Bettinger@blaine_5
57Emma Jolly@emmajolly
58Debbie Kennett@debbiekennett
59Emily Brand@ejbrand
60National Library of Ireland@nlireland
61Newberry Library@newberrylibrary
62Ohio History Connection@ohiohistory
63Missouri History Museum@mohistorymuseum
64Melanie Backe-Hansen@househistorian
65Paul Reed@sommecourt
66Caroline Pointer@familystories
67Victory or Death@incognitomeems
69Gengenie Research gbsct@genie_research
70Melanie McComb | ☘️ The Shamrock Genealogist@shamrockgen
71Janine Adams@janinea
72Valerie Hughes@vhughesauthor
73Marian Burk Wood@marianbwood
74Tamura Jones@tamurajones
75Lynn Heiden@lynnswpics @trishparr
78The History Press@thehistorypress
79Megan Smolenyak️‍♀️@megansmolenyak
80AJ Jacobs@ajjacobs
81Today’s Document@todaysdocument
82The British Newspaper Archive@bnarchive
83Katie Chambers@frmlittleacorns
84Kyle Betit@kylebetit
86Cyndi Ingle@cyndislist
87Melissa | Genealogy Girl Talks@ggirltalks
88Tom Kemp@tomkemp
89Stephanie Pitcher Fishman@writeblogmom
90Jane O’Brien@janeobrienbooks
91Iain M Cooke@iainmcooke59
92Susan A. Kitchens@susankitchens
93James Morley@photosofthepast
94Night Shift@aquamarinesteph
95Empty Nest Heritage@enheritage
96Melissa Mannon@archivesinfo
97Angela Buckley@victsupersleuth
98Victoria Washuk@vickiwashuk
99Linda Gartz@lindagartz
100Julie Mangano@juliemangano
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